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ECB rate decision 02-04-2009

The European Central Bank has decided to cut its interest rate by 25bp to 1.25% instead of the 50bp rate cut expected. This has bullish implications for the euro and bearish implications for European stocks.  As a matter of fact, we saw the EUR/USD spike higher after the rate decision and at one point tested the resistance at 1.35.&nb...

Important events coming up
G-20, ECB rate decision, and Fridays Employment Report 02-04-2009

As the week winds down, the markets could be faced with an overwhelming amount of data to digest. This could lead to signficant volatility and sudden price swings. However, there is not the same level of uncertainty as in recent months. From this perspective and following the recent three-week stock market rally from the lows, there co...

Next week's ECB meeting will be important
The EUR/USD retreats slightly 25-03-2009

The EUR/USD experienced a tremendous rally following the Treasury's plan to spend over a trillion dollars in long-term Treasury debt, mortgage backed securities, and other debt.  The currency pair spiked approximately 700 pips, a tremendous move.  The question posed was whether the move would be sustained.  Quantitative easi...

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Coincidiendo con el discurso de Obama, Roubini da su perspectiva de EEUU

Nouriel Roubini, en un video-colaboración con Newsweek y Youtube, aprovechó el discurso de Obama para ofrecer su perspectiva sobre la economía y los retos que tendrá que afrontar la administración de Obama.  Roubini explicó que el déficit fiscal d...

24 de Febrero, 2010
Que podremos hacer si esta recuperación no es sostenible?

Analistas empiezan a dudar más sobre la sostenibilidad de la recuperación.  Como indica el analista Michael Shulman en, podríamos ver en un corto a medio plazo lo que se conoce como un “double-dip recession,” lo que significa una recaída en la economía.  Hasta ahora los...

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